Do you have a conflict with a neighbor, a relative, an employer, a fellow worker, anyone in your family or any other person or institution?
Do you want to avoid a long expensive exhausting public trial?
Do you want to reduce the time for the solving of such conflict and the related costs?
Do you want to find the solution that meets best your interests without resorting to the law court?
Be the one who decides how and when the conflict is solved!
Choose mediation as an alternative to justice!
Choose an authorized mediator!

Following the amendments and completions brought to Law no. 192/2006 on the mediation and organization of the mediator profession, by Law 115/2012 and GEO 90/2012 and given that the entry into force of the new Code of Civil Procedure has been extended until February 1, 2013,

* the parties to the dispute, whether natural or legal entities have the obligation to attend the briefing on the benefits of mediation, including, where appropriate, the initiation of proceedings before the competent courts, in order to settle their disputes in civil or family matters, criminal matters, and other matters, under the conditions provided by the law.

* the court will dismiss the summons as inadmissible for failure by the plaintiff to attend the mediation briefing, prior to the filing of the summons, or after the trial has been initiated until the hearing date set by the court in this purpose.