Legal advice

The company guarantees the quality of lawyer services provided by ensuring a good collaboration with professionals selected based on specific experience and special professional competences, namely:

Setting-ups, modifications, liquidations of trading companies, associations, foundations.

Any type of amendments in the Trade Registry (capital increases or decreases, share assignment, setting up lucrative facilities, mergers).
Temporary establishment of the headquarters for trading companies at lawyer’s office.
onsultancy and drawing up of legal papers.
Drawing up of any kind of special civil or commercial contract in due time since request.
Mediation of your commercial relationships in special situations carried out by your representation or the representation together with you whenever the company’s interests need it in negotiations, litigations or conflicts that may occur with diverse beneficiaries.
Representation of company’s interests in the situation when it is being audited by authorities or when the authorities ask for the clarification of company’s commercial situation If the company has been sanctioned, we will elaborate, draw up and offer the legal form for the exemption from negative consequences that may result from it.