Notification of creditors, drawing up of debts tables, formulation of appeals to the statements of receivables.
Summoning and chairing the creditors’, shareholders’ or associates’ assemblies or the assemblies of the debtor’s members.
Sale of assets belonging to debtor’s fortune.
Elaboration of debtor’s legal reorganization plan in the context and terms provided by the Law no. 85/2006, as subsequently amended.
Total or partial management of debtor’s activity when the law or the receiver assigns this duty to the insolvency practitioner.
Closing deals, discharge of debts, fidejussors’ release giving up security interests.
Distribution of the amounts resulted from liquidation.
Signing the liquidation balance sheet.
Institution of proceedings for the cancelation of the fraudulent papers concluded by the debtor to creditors’ detriment and transfers with patrimonial character.
Elaboration of periodic reports during the insolvency procedure.
Carrying out surveys regarding the activities comprised in the insolvency procedures.