Company’s monthly expenses.
Invoices issued.
Filling in the following registers:

Cash book
Accounting journal
Inventory book
General Ledger

Keeping records of clients and suppliers.
Depreciation of fixed assets.

Calculation of monthly depreciation of each fixed asset, its registration in the accounting records.

Drawing up the monthly trial balance.

Drawing up and submission of the income tax statement, corporate tax statement, V.A.T., debts to the state budget, social security contributions, health, unemployment etc., of the annual balance sheet and the assets situation for the 1st semester to the Tax Administration.

Drawing up and submission of the tax statements.

Drawing up and online submission of the tax statements that will be signed digitally and sent at distance.

Granting assistance on organization and bookkeeping, including within information systems.
Elaboration and use of accounting procedures, the chart of accounts adapted to the unit, management accounting management control.
Consolidation of accounts and balance sheets.
Drawing up medium and long term funding plans.

Fulfilling the attributions specified in the auditor’s mandate for the trading companies.
Assistance and representation during the audits conducted by the specialized tax organs.
Services of tax representation for non-residential natural and legal persons.